The Story

Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) prepares to retire from being a bodyguard until Sonia Kincaid (Salma Hayek) tracks him down and asks for his services. She needs his help in recovering her hitman husband Darius (Samuel L. Jackson), who was kidnapped by mobsters. After rescuing Darius the trio gets involved in even more madness trying to safe Europe from a madman.


Our Role

Worldwide FX created all of the visual FX content, distributed among the different facilities.  

Our team was heavily involved in creating and developing hyper-realistic digital doubles for Morgan Freeman and Tom Hopper, together with over two dozen background/crowd digital doubles for several sequences.

We were also responsible for designing and creating a photoreal rollercoaster which served a key comedic role. 

The stunt doubles head replacements were challenging but achieved with a high standard.