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Welcome to our visual effects powerhouse located in the vibrant heart of London's Soho district. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional visual effects for feature films and games, setting a new standard in the industry.

As a relatively fresh face in the London scene, we embarked on our journey by immersing ourselves in the world of digital characters, breathtaking set extensions, and awe-inspiring destruction simulations. Our creative expertise has graced the screens of blockbuster hits such as Hellboy, Angel Has Fallen, Rambo: Last Blood, and Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. More recent titles include Expendables 4, The Offering, Jolt, Refuge and many more.

At the core of our success lies our team of immensely talented artists. With an extensive background in the VFX industry, they bring a wealth of experience from working on international blockbusters and acclaimed productions. Our pride stems not only from their exceptional skills but also from fostering a professional and inviting work environment. We strongly believe in open communication, where every team member is encouraged to share their creative ideas, enabling us to achieve our collective goals while meeting every client's unique requirements.


Worldwide FX London is a sister company of Worldwide FX, based in Sofia (Bulgaria) within the NuBoyana Film Studios, where clients can take advantage of world-class filming facilities and services for any production.

What We Do



Nu Boyana

Nu Boyana is one of the leading film
studios in Europe offering script to
screen services, sound stages, sets, production and post production
services as well as equipment and crews so that you and yo

ur team can realize your wildest dreams.
Filming Locations

The picturesque nature of Bulgaria
offers rich and varied locations
with every terrain and texture
imaginable - stunning landscapes,
breathtaking mountain views and
beautiful beaches.

Our Bulgaria studio has a huge variety of urban settings and locations, with buildings ranging from grand and ancient to extremely modern, all within or near to Sofia. Some of the sets and locations include:

  • London
  • New York
  • Roman Sets
  • Middle East
  • Ancient Village
  • American Villas
  • Forest Sets
  • Sound Stages

Underwater Stage

Completed in February 2018, our underwater stage is the largest underwater filming facility in Europe.

The viewing gallery houses a glass-viewing window of 2m by 1.5m.

The tank also has a built in Skimmer system for removing surface dust and impurities.

The main area has a 5m floor working area around the tank with a 10-ton Bridge crane and 13m working height to the underside of the overhead Gantries.

There are three large access doors for loading and off loading of equipment.

Motion Capture | Scanning

Send us a picture and we bring it to life. We model, rig, and capture your actors movement and deliver the data edited for you to plug into any environment you choose.

At our studio in Sofia, Bulgaria we have a state of the art Vicon Motion Capture Stage complete with an amazing crew of talented editors to provide an end to end solution for your project.

What We Do



Film / TV / Advertising
Film VFX

We love filmmaking! So when it comes to creative ideas and visualizing them, our talented film department  is ready to step in. With heavy focus on creature and character work we can deliver the most complicated sequences with an amazing quality. Our pipeline allows us to achieve this quickly while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve in CG.


Nowadays TV series require as much visual love as films do. This is why we use our knowledge and expertise and treat your ideas with the same level of detail. Our strong and efficient pipeline, that adapts to every type of project and budget, makes sure quality is always guaranteed.

Advertising VFX

We dive and explore the world of advertising for our global partners and clients. Using the knowledge and the experience we gained throughout the years, we can deliver high-end results of the highest quality. Our multi talented creative team can come up with an idea or simply help develop and visualize yours in the best possible way, and our global pipeline helps us to stay efficient without sacrificing the quality.

Cinematic Creatures | Characters

Concept Design | Build
Character Design

At Worldwide FX UK we specialize in the creation of high-end creatures. Whether making photo-realistic animals, digital actors, fantastic characters or horrendous monsters, we take concepting to the next level through quick 3D sculpting and texturing, so that the client is able to see their idea developing into a visual product in a fairly short amount of time.

Character Build

Once a concept has been approved, the asset team can start building the asset for production. The processes of modeling, texturing, lookdev and grooming require a great amount of artistic and technical execution skills. From the creature’s size and shape to the appearance of its surfaces, this is where every pore and every hair strand is added to provide an asset of the highest detail, ready to be animated and rendered.

Lighting | Compositing

With our strong Compositing and Lighting team we produce a high-end standard of photorealistic images to our clients. Thanks to our specialized Pipeline, the latest technology and software and the creative eye of our artists we are able to push the boundaries

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Our Work
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